The event

The 2010 Girona Workshop on Theoretical Chemistry will be organized by the IQC and the UdG, with the contribution of the Faculty of Sciences.

This series of events are founded in order to continue a first similar workshop held in June 1988. The 2009 Girona Workshop on Theoretical Chemistry was already organized in July 2009. It has been a forum, where senior and young theoretical chemists have presented their current research and discussed in deep the challenges, which Quantum Chemistry is facing at the beginning of 21st century.

The small number of assistants has propitiated the exchange of ideas and discussions in deep on the main issues presented by the speakers. The general aim of these workshops is to gather top scientists from around the world to exchange their points of view about the fields of their expertise. The small number of participants permits to organize the lectures in a flexible schedule and allows plenty of time to every speaker, providing posterior discussions without strict timeline limits.

The main idea is to provide the assistants with a forum, where the mathematical and computational issues of the challenging problems in Quantum and Theoretical Chemistry can be discussed. Emphasis is made in the essentially theoretical nature which shall possess the workshop expositions. Computational applied exercises performed with current programming are discouraged.

Sponsored by

Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Fundació privada: Girona, Universitat i Futur