Sustainable Catalysis

Sustainable Catalysis

Evolution towards more sustainable production methods via homogeneous catalysis.

Light-driven Synthetic Methodologies

Light-driven Synthetic Methodologies

New methodologies for the conversion of light energy into chemical bonds.

Predictive Chemistry at the Confined Space

Predictive Chemistry at the Confined Space

Supramolecular nanohosts for guest functionalization and reactivity in confined spaces.

Computational Chemistry

Computational Chemistry

New computational approaches to bridge the gap between theory and experiment.


Research carried out at IQCC is organized in several research teams led by either senior or junior scientists. Promising young investigators are given the opportunity to set up their own independent research teams. [More]


IQCC offers the Master in Advanced Catalysis and Molecular Modelling (MACMoM) with the commitment to transfer the most recent research in computational chemistry and catalysis to the future professionals. [More]


IQCC is involved in the organization of national and international conferences, with the participation of major figures in chemistry. The Girona Seminar and the GEQO meeting are the two main events in 2016. [More]


IQCC is commited to raise public awareness of science by actively organizing dissemination and communication activities together with C4D, an offspring of the Institute that fosters innovation in digital science communication. [More]

Recent news

Review on the making and breaking of O–O bonds

Lyses and formation of the O–O bond constitute key reactions in Biochemistry. A

Purification of Sc-metallofullerenes by a supramolecular nanocapsule

A self-assembled Cu(II)-based nanocapsule enables efficient and straightforward isolation of Sc3N@C80 from arc-processed

Photodissociation of Iron(IV)-Oxo Complexes: The evasive Fe=O stretch

We demonstrate the application of infrared photodissocation spectroscopy for determination of the Fe=O

Activation of Dioxygen at a Lewis Acidic Nickel(II) Complex

In metal-mediated O2 activation, nickel(II) compounds hardly play a role, but recently it

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