Presència al Saló Futura

Aquest cap de setmana hem estat presents al Saló futura de Barcelona, a on hem pogut tenir contacte de primera mà amb uns quants estudiants de 4rt curs de grau amb ganes de fer un màster interessant pel seu futur l’any que vé.

Futurs químics i farmacèutics, esperem veure-us ben aviat per Girona i formar part de la familia MACMoM!


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Pre-registration for course 2018-19 is open

The pre-registration to the master is already open for the next course. Check it out here!
We have already two completed pre-registrations, from India and Egipt…getting more and more international!

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Time for Master thesis and more

Our students have passed all exams and now it’s time for fun: time for master thesis projects to take shape!

Challenges are coming. After Easter hollidays we will have the renowned Girona Seminar 2018, with the presence of Prof. Ben Feringa, nobel prize laureate 2016 among others. MACMoM students are invited to this event and two of them will present posters @ the poster session on wednesday 4th April.

UdG scholarships for assisting to international congresses have also been awarded to several MACMoM students. Euchems in Liverpool and ACS meeting in Boston are among the destinations this summer.

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Competitive grants will be awarded to top students to carry out the Master’s research project at the research labs of the Institute of Computational Chemistry and Catalysis, under the supervision of a member of the teaching staff of the Master or the Institute (tutor).
The Direction of the IQCC has just published the call for the IQCC research grants. The details can be found at the IQCC’s Noticeboard (next to the Secretary).
Up to 3 grants will be awarded to best CV, amounting ca. 1400€ each, for the period 15-May to 15 July 2017.
Note that the deadline for the application is 10 May 2017!

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Huge database with current Ph D opportunities

Check out this! A huge database with current Ph D offeres around the globe, fully searchable.
Active ph d offerfs for EU people about “catalysis” (82 as of today)

Active ph d offerfs for EU people about “Computational chemistry” (120 as of today)

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S’ofereix a estudiants de Màster o graduats de la xarxa la possibilitat de realitzar una estada retribuïda a la seu central de la empresa BASF, a Ludwigshäfen, Alemanya.

Aquesta estada de 3 mesos (es pot allargar) és compatible amb la realització de treball de final de màster, amb la supervisió de l’investigador principal del grup de recerca de la empresa. Més informació a:

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Becas Santander – UdG 2016-17

Ya tenemos resolución de las becas Santander-UdG de profesores vistantes! Nuestros dos profesores, Dr E. Matito y J. Lloret estan entre los 16 profesores/investigadores elegidos. ENHORABUENA!

Por otro lado, la primera resolución de las becas de matricula Banco Santander-UdG para estudiantes residentes en España está a punto de salir. Se otorgan en un principio 55 becas de 3000€, siendo este año la nota de corte incial un 7.08/10. Hasta 6 estudiantes del MACMoM estan entre los seleccionados, enhorabuena también a todos!

Quien dijo que estudiar es caro?
La lista de espera este año es de solo 19 estudiantes por lo que nuevamente, una vez se otorguen las becas de regimen general que incluyen los gastos de matricula, esperamos que todos los solicitantes podran tener la matricula cubierta, tal cual como sucedión en el curso 2015-16.
A nuestro entender es un gran exito de la politica de masters de la UdG, en la que por segundo año consecutivo, si se ha realizado la preinscripcción a tiempo, los costes de matricula son CERO.
Esperemos que los estudiantes futuros tomen nota, especialmente aquellos que bien por expediente o bien por otras razones no pueden optar a la beca de regimen general para la matricula.

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2016-17 edition of MACMoM is on his way!

The master has already started this academic year with +10 students at present. On the second semester we are expecting our first exchange student from the Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico, who will benefit from the double degree agreeement between UG and UdG.
It is high time to pick up the master’s thesis projects! Check our opportunities provided by the Academic staff @ ICCC, as well as the current companies offering internship, starting February 2017!

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Summary of MACMoM’s course 2015-16

The course 2015-16 came to an end last September and it’s time to take stock of last year’s edition.
Particular reasons prevented two of our (17) students to graduate this year. We hope they can graduate in the next editions!
Up to five master thesis were successfully carried out in companies around Girona-Barcelona or abroad (BASF, Ludwigshaffen). The experience has been very possitive in general and one student is still working at the company.
Again, a significant part of our students are to continue with ph. D. studies, some at UdG, some at spanish institutions (DIPC, Donosti) and some abroad (The Netherlands, Sweden, USA,…)
Good luck to all of them in the (near) future!!

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Agreement with KAUST for MACMOM students

More good news!

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), an international graduate-level research university located in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, has agreed to offer 2 fellowships for 1-3 months to complement the Master Thesis at KAUST with a mothly salary of 1000$ (housing and flight tickets are also covered by KAUST).

The agreement involves Dr. Albert Poater, rearcher at the IQCC and Prof. Luigi Cavallo from KAUST. Research lines and projects elligible are here:

Interested students should contact Dr. Albert Poater (

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